Courses & Workshops

As one of our primary goals and policy is to educating and public enlightenment, we apply and hold some meetings, workshops and courses for wide spectrum of people, such as “Workshop of Considerations in Marine Biology Researches and How to Employ Methods” or “Understanding the Ecological Values of Endemic Animals” as well as “Ecosystem and Biodiversity Services” for students and public awareness purposes and therefore culturalizing environmental subjects which impacts on environmental preservation.


Naeim Moradi, is presenting for Mazandaran Department of Environment staffs


Applying workshops for authorities and decisioners in department of environment bureaus considered one of the most preliminary actions for us. For that purpose we present some workshops about “Accustom on Arthropoda Phylum” to improve public opinion about their feelings about this group of animals, “Amphibians and Reptiles Recognition ( ecological values and importance of them)” for local authorities, “How to Identify Venomous Snakes” for local firehouse staffs, “Iranian Endemic Fishes” for zoological students, and also “Ecological Principles and Social-Economic Services of Habitats and Biodiversity” applied and perform annually in frequence.

Some parts of the profits and financial income expend on our reaserch activities.