Goals & Activities

Pars Plateau Zoologists Group is a non-governmental non-profitable organization which is for first time in Iran with the purpose of recognition, researching, documenting  and conserving of Iran’s biodiversity and wildlife either on land and over the sea formed; and for that goals we have gathered some of the best specialists in our country. Basically we are focus on studying and researching on Persian wildlife. We believe public education and participating is the most effective solution for the environmental issues and conserving wildlife. Researching and documenting must based on needs and logic and in some way results and area studies should be monitored for approach and long-term conservation. We want to implement researching projects and produce datas and information to protecting and conserving of Iranian biodiversity and introduce them to our nation and the world. The group’s mission is to ensure the protection and welfare of all living beings in the framework of the principles and policy maker. We guarantee reasonable solutions that promote environmental integrity and sustainable development think. By creating an exchange of experiences, information and communication with decision makers seeking solutions to national and regional.